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    Collection of letters from Paul and Virginia Schweizer

    It’s fun to look back at some of the correspondence that I remember from ~30 years ago! Guessing Pat De Naples passed these along to me for “safekeeping” when I was Sec/Treas, and somehow, I didn’t see them when turning them over boxes of paperwork to my successor, Mike Havener. Sorry about that, Mike. It’s […]

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    Want to earn a tax deduction?

    The 1-26 Association is really two separate tax exempt corporations! The following will hopefully explain these two corporations and what they mean to you as a member. 1-26 Association, Inc…… a 501(c) a tax exempt corporation 1-26 Foundation, Inc…… a 501(c)(3) a tax exempt corporation Note the difference is that little (3)! The “Association” is not allowed to solicit for donations. The monies […]

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    1-26 Association Scholarship

    Scholarship Requirements   The 1-26 Association is seeking to assist student glider pilots under the age of 18 to attain their Glider Private Pilot rating. The scholarship funds of up to $1000 may be used at any gliderport, commercial or club. The applicant must have successfully passed the FAA Knowledge Test for Glider Pilot, or […]

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