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Sustaining members have the privileges of Regular Members, but are members who, because of their interest and involvement in the success of the Association, wish to contribute more than the Regular Membership dues to support the organization. Honorary Life and Regular Life Members who choose to pay annual dues are also recognized as Sustaining Members.

Briefly, the 1-26 Association provides the member with the following benefits:

  • Access to the 1-26 Records Program.
  • Access to the 1-26 Cross-Country Sweepstakes.
  • Access to 1-26 Association sponsored competitions, including the 1-26 Championships.
  • Voting privileges.
  • Access to other special awards associated with flying the 1-26.
  • Qualification to receive special badge achievement certificates.
  • A regular newsletter.

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The Association is formed for the purpose of stimulating interest in, and promoting the sport of soaring in the Schweizer 1-26 sailplane; to establish standards for competition in the 1-26; to establish categories for record flights made in the 1-26; to disseminate information relating to the 1-26 and flights made in the 1-26, and to give recognition to its membership for accomplishments related to soaring in the 1-26.

The Association’s goal is to foster the helpfulness, the camaraderie, and the opportunity for head-to-head competition that is found in One Design groups in sailing. It is an organization of people who share the common ideal that soaring should be fun, not frantic – people who include pilots, families, crews and others who are interested. Membership is open to everyone. Owning a 1-26 or being a pilot is not required.

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