• I’m working to improve 392, a B. Looking for:

    Rubber seals to slip onto the wing root to avoid having to tape the wing-fuselage gap. I’ve heard 1-26’ers have found a good elastomer seal that fits onto the wing skin for this. Any ideas for a source?

    Our ASI in knots😕. Looking for one in MPH with markings for an A, B, or C. Any ideas…Read More

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  • Flew at Wurtsboro on 8/11 in their E Model #628. in the two hour flight I wore out one vario battery but still managed a 10 mile out and return at over 6,000 msl. Looking for ways to have members do 1-26 write ups on their flight, no matter how modest compared to some others. Ideas for the newsletter coming up are flight reports, 1-26 pilot…Read More

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  • 2022 Chilhowee Championships – Landout #1 – Nice chicken farm. Great owners.
    *** I’m having problems posting this with pics. I’ll post some as comments here if it lets me.

    Things I learned:
    1 – Fields protected by “electrified fence wire” probably (usually?) have a pass through that consists of an insulated (maybe ceramic) handle near a fe…Read More

  • S/N 263, aka ‘Glamour Girl’ returned to the air yesterday, July 29th. There was good lift in the area. Glamour Girl’s wings were talking to me, and that only happens in strong lift. It was a beautiful day for soaring! Two more flights were completed today – it’s good to have S/N 263 flying again.

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  • I am new to the group and have only flown a 1-26 once as a rented aircraft. So I have a lot to learn!

    Where can I find information the differences between the various models of 1-26’s?

    Also were there any significant changes or improvements between the years they were manufacuted?

    Will there be a gathering of 1-26 owners at…Read More

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