• I am trying to learn all I can before purchasing a 1-26.
    Now I am hearing about checking if the glider has,” straight wings” .
    Is that a thing? I suspect it can be a really big deal.
    Safety of flight, etc?
    How to correct?

  • 182 with Sport Canopy. Kelly Air Park, CO. July 2023

  • Hi.. some friends and I have a 1-26E that we are trying to get airworthy. We have. 4.00-4 8 ply tire which binds and self actuates the brake with minimal spoiler opening. We would like to find an original 4 ply tire to put on. Does anyone know of any available?

    Plan B would be to try a 4.00-4 6ply. Does anyone know if they will fit?

    Plan C,…Read More

    • Plan D typo… convert to hydraulic brake….but we don’t have the budget for it right now.

    • Make sure the band is adjusted correctly and the air pressure isn’t too high. 20 or so pounds max. The band brakes are not really effective and not really worth anything and you could remove it till you find the correct tire or get the bucks and convert to the disc brakes set up. Jim A 005

  • 241 parts needed posted wrong #number on previous post

  • hello,i have #421 ,i need a nose bowl and a seat bottom,it is a B model,anyone have parts?

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    • You migiht check with Ridge Moreland on the nose bowl. I know he picked up at least one in the last month. We have an A model and ordered the seat kit from K&L. Expensive and we needed an A&P to install it, but it was well worth it. Mark

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