• I am in the process of building a trailer for my Dad’s 1-26 and I need some information regarding the wing holders (the one for the leading edge) see picture. How they are made, spec, what gauge steel they are made from…etc any info would help

  • I am new to the group and have only flown a 1-26 once as a rented aircraft. So I have a lot to learn!

    Where can I find information the differences between the various models of 1-26’s?

    Also were there any significant changes or improvements between the years they were manufacuted?

    Will there be a gathering of 1-26 owners at…Read More

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  • Where are most 1-26’s actually made available for sale? I am surprised that there is not more listed on the classified area of this web page. I am just beginning my search. Thank you.

    • Bret, Where are you located? If your not heavy I may have one for sale that is located in the Los Angeles area. Its the one I got in the estate auction and you saw the thread. Sadly I need a D or E model for my weight. This is a B model Serial Number 390. My search begins for one that will fit me while I work on the B model to get it flight worthy.

      • Hello Marc. Thank you for your reply and information. I am located in Kansas. A long ways from Los Angeles. Not an impossible drive, but I would rather find a glider closer. BTW – I weigh 190 with aspirations of reducing my weight. Which model would be best for me? Thank you, Bret C.

        • at your weight if you lose a bit a B or C will work. But if you want a Parachute and can find one a D or E may give you more margin. For me, only a D or E will work and still likely no parachute for me. My 126B W&B shows 179lbs max pilot weight to stay under the 600lb Gross weight. However, this was with a heavy O2 tank and older heavy…Read More

    • Bret, if you’re still looking check out Wings and Wheels. Free classified ads. https://wingsandwheels.com/classifieds

  • In review of the list of 1-26’s on this web site, some indicate “Deregistered”. Most likely, what does this mean? Thank you.

  • Hello All
    I just joined. I bought Serial number 390 in an online auction in Apple Valley CA. I am in Burbank CA and will drive out to pick it up after the holiday.

    Looking forward to learn lots from this group. Flew sailplanes in the 90s and bit again about 15 years ago. Also fly a C182p


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    • Marc – it is great that you found your 1-26 on an online auction. Was it eBay? I have never thought to look there. BTW – I also fly a Stinson 108-2

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