• I am new to the group and have only flown a 1-26 once as a rented aircraft. So I have a lot to learn!

    Where can I find information the differences between the various models of 1-26’s?

    Also were there any significant changes or improvements between the years they were manufacuted?

    Will there be a gathering of 1-26 owners at…Read More

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  • Where are most 1-26’s actually made available for sale? I am surprised that there is not more listed on the classified area of this web page. I am just beginning my search. Thank you.

    • Bret, Where are you located? If your not heavy I may have one for sale that is located in the Los Angeles area. Its the one I got in the estate auction and you saw the thread. Sadly I need a D or E model for my weight. This is a B model Serial Number 390. My search begins for one that will fit me while I work on the B model to get it flight worthy.

      • Hello Marc. Thank you for your reply and information. I am located in Kansas. A long ways from Los Angeles. Not an impossible drive, but I would rather find a glider closer. BTW – I weigh 190 with aspirations of reducing my weight. Which model would be best for me? Thank you, Bret C.

        • at your weight if you lose a bit a B or C will work. But if you want a Parachute and can find one a D or E may give you more margin. For me, only a D or E will work and still likely no parachute for me. My 126B W&B shows 179lbs max pilot weight to stay under the 600lb Gross weight. However, this was with a heavy O2 tank and older heavy…Read More

    • Bret, if you’re still looking check out Wings and Wheels. Free classified ads. https://wingsandwheels.com/classifieds

  • In review of the list of 1-26’s on this web site, some indicate “Deregistered”. Most likely, what does this mean? Thank you.