1-26 Association 2024 Election Results

1-26 Association 2024 Election Results

The 1-26 Annual Election has been completed. The voting closed on December 10, 2023. Beginning January 1, 2024 here is the new Board of Directors.

  • President — Paul Agnew (newly elected)
  • VP-Eastern Division — Charles “Chip” Haskell (newly elected)
  • VP-Central Division — Lance Grace
  • VP-Western Division — Pete Donath
  • Secretary/Treasurer — Steve Barry

The Association and all its members are grateful to have Paul Agnew as our new President. We look forward to his leadership in 2024 and beyond.

A very special thanks goes to Chip Haskell for filling the role of the Eastern Division VP.

Thanks to Lance Grace as the Central Division VP and Pete Donath as Western Division VP and their continuing service for another year.

This will be Steve Barry’s last year as the Secretary/Treasurer. After 6 years it will be time to let someone else have a crack at the old books!

Congratulations and thanks to all these folks who are volunteering to give their precious spare time and energy to keep our unique sport alive and growing in 2024!

Steve Barry
1-26 Association

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