• Beyond Chocolates and Roses: Navigating Love and Relationships with Psychotherapy this Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, a day soaked in roses, chocolates, chocolate roses and the smothering seen and unseen pressure to “couple up”. While many bask in the glow of romance, others face the stark reality of loneliness, disap…Read More

  • Well, I joined the Lake Elsinore Soaring Club here in So Cal and am a student pilot. We have in our hangar 3 1-26 gliders. I am here to learn more about them.

  • How to Beat the Holiday Blues this Festive Season

    The holiday season and the time of joy and merriment is right around the corner, but let’s not forget that this time is not so merry for a lot of people out there. According to a survey published by the National Alliance on Mental Illness ( NAMI ) in 2019, as much as 44.3 million adults in the U…Read More

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  • Not sure how often this is followed. I just got a second issue of the Newsletter, 3Q2023.

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