1-26 Restoration Manual


This manual covers the restoration process from beginning to end, based on the experiences of Texas Soaring Association members who have collectively restored many 1-26s over the years. This manual is not just for someone restoring their 1-26, as it also has countless tips for the person who wants to improve the looks, quietness and handling of their ship.

There are lots of “Why didn’t I think of that” things in this manual. It includes some factory drawings, lots of photographs, and a Schweizer Publications and Service Bulletins index. It’s written by Kevin Renshaw, edited by Mark Keene, and updated in 2020 by Andy Kecskes. A superb companion to “Wing Tips”. This manual is now available solely as an e-mail download, directly from the Merchandise Manager.



Available to 1-26 Association Members Free of Charge. You must be logged in  to download this product.