• 241 parts needed posted wrong #number on previous post

  • hello,i have #421 ,i need a nose bowl and a seat bottom,it is a B model,anyone have parts?

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    • You migiht check with Ridge Moreland on the nose bowl. I know he picked up at least one in the last month. We have an A model and ordered the seat kit from K&L. Expensive and we needed an A&P to install it, but it was well worth it. Mark

  • I just finished constructing a wing wheel for use with S/N 263. A while back, Milton Moos sent me photos of a wing wheel he built. His design incorporated the original Schweizer wing tip wheels, but S/N 263 doesn’t have those; I have wing skids. So, his design wouldn’t work for my glider. I settled on a ‘clam shell’ design, which I modif…Read More

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  • Hello, I’m the new owner of 466. I live in Ft Stockton (way west Tx). 466 is in reasonable good shape, last annual was in 2009. Can anyone point me to an ANP that knows 1-26s and could give me an in depth annual and inspection? I call Robert Mudd but he is retired. I really would like to get 466 back in the air. Thks Dale Briscoe

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  • Looking for 1-26 rentals in the US this season.
    Commercial operators, private individuals,etc.
    Thanks a lot.

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