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Soaring an American Classic!

Soar an American Classic!
WARNING: Rubbing elbows with 1-26er's may cause a life long affliction with "Soaring Dementia". Since there's no known cure, it's recommended that you join the 1-26 Association support group where you'll find others who share your affliction and are understanding of it's effects.

1-26 News You Can Use.
2015 CCSC Adult Camp and Vintage Glider Rally
August 17, 2015 by Steve Statkus

This year's adult camp was combined with a vintage glider ralley that started out with low ceilings, poor Vis and a bust on Monday. But hope springs eternal, although the Weather Goddess might have been suffering a hang over on Tuesday as soaring was accomplished but lift was hard to find and light when you did find it. She showed us her fickle nature for the balance of the week, laying on glorious soaring Wednesday and Thursday then casting out buoyant air on Friday beautifully clear but only the 1-26s were floating down at 100 fpm rather then 250 which is the usual no-lift descent rate.

At the end of the week both the Adult Camp and the Vintage Ralley had accumulated 100 flights that included one guest ride, one new CCSC member, two land outs, and 23 vintage flights. Of the vintage flying 12 flights were by club members and 11 were made by visiting vintage gliders. We had one vintage glider guider, Ron Schwartz, show up for a day in the sun with some old friends: Pat DeNaples and Bob Root. Ron suggested a 2016 Labor Day 1-26 Regional Contest at CCSC, using their Labor Day format which is a timed run around a 50 mile task with airports within 7 miles of the course. I'm thinking that's doable here at CCSC and suggest that we make it a date. More on this in the future.


1-26 Association July OLC Update
August 2, 2015 by Bob Spielman

1-26 ASSOCIATION JULY Online Contest

The 1-26 Association was in 13th place in the USA. There were a total of 37 flights and a lot of good flights since this time period included the 1-26 Championships at Minden, NV.

Flights for May

  1. DOUG LEVY who had a 283.6sm (456.42km) flight out of Inyokern.
  2. GARRY DICKSON with 254.94sm (410.28km) flight from Lone Pine.
  3. RON SCHWARZ wo flew 213.06sm (342.89km) flight out of Lone Pine. Guess Ron wanted to try one of our western long distance flights.
  4. BOB HURNI flying 133.53sm (214.89km) at Minden during the champs.
  5. TAYLOR PHILLIPS going 109.83m (176.76km) from Minden. Taylor is our young (24 years old) pilot who is flying turbo Caravans at Juneau and he came down special for the Champs. He normally lives in Carson City.

Those are the top 5 flights for July.

Lucky Bob Spielman,
SN555 & SN525

2015 1-26 Championships Results
July 10, 2015

1-26 Championships 2015
Minden, NV, 02.07.2015 - 09.07.2015
Final Results
# CN Pilot Total
1. 428 Team: Sazhin and Schwartz 3872
2. 244 C. Robert von Hellens 3594
3. 190 Robert Hurni 3515
4. 401 James Slocum 3452
5. 008 Team: Johnson and Leal 3338
6. 392 Catherine Williams 2719
7. 272 Vern Fueston 1675
8. 555 Taylor Philips 1546
9. 525 Team: Spielman and Tax 1455
10. 264 Thomas Barkow 1438
11. 016 Bret Ebaugh 871
12. 575 Milton Moos 866
13. 053 Neal Palmquist 597
14. 238 Bill Vickland 305
15. 038 Jay Murphy 28

Perpetual Traveling Awards
The Marion C. Cruce Trophy: C. Robert von Hellens
The Bob McNeill/Fred Cuny Memorial Team Trophy: Daniel Sazhin and Ron Schwartz
The President's Trophy: Robert Hurni (49.4 mph)
The Old Goat Trophy: Ron Schwartz
The David C. Johnson Memorial Trophy: Vern Fueston
The Virginia M. Schweizer Trophy: Not awarded in 2015
The John P. Green Memorial Trophy: Taylor Phillips
The Old Buzzard Trophy: Bill Vickland
The Turtle Award: Neil Palmquist (17.8 mph)
The Yardstick Award: Jay Murphy (5.1 miles)
The Spiffy Award: Milt Moos

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Association Goals

The Association is formed for the purpose of stimulating interest in, and promoting the sport of soaring in the Schweizer 1-26 sailplane; to establish standards for competition in the 1-26; to establish categories for record flights made in the 1-26; to disseminate information relating to the 1-26 and flights made in the 1-26, and to give recognition to its membership for accomplishments related to soaring in the 1-26.

The Association's goal is to foster the helpfulness, the camaraderie, and the opportunity for head-to-head competition that is found in One Design groups in sailing. It is an organization of people who share the common ideal that soaring should be fun, not frantic - people who include pilots, families, crews and others who are interested. Membership is open to everyone. Owning a 1-26 or being a pilot is not required.

The Association has evolved a whole range of challenges and rewards to fit the ambitions of pilots at all levels of experience and skill. It has, for example, special recognition for those who complete FAI badge legs in a 1-26 with a very special Roll Of Honor for those who complete all three Diamonds in a 1-26.

The Sweepstakes is an all-year X-C competition that lets you fly at the time and place of your choosing against pilots of comparable experience levels. It provides an opportunity to pit your skills against the best in your division - on your own home turf.

The Association maintains and publishes Regional (including Canada) 1-26 records which, are essentially the same as the SSA State Records. Categories and classes include speed triangles, distance tasks, absolute altitude and altitude gained for each class (Open, Senior, Feminine and Junior).

A multitude of local, regional and other trophies and awards are available to honor the best accomplishments of all our"achievers". The longest straight-line flight of the year is especially honored with the H. Marshall Claybourn Memorial Award.

The 1-26 Championships is the high point of the year for many pilots. Open to any 1-26 pilot in the world, the winner is indeed the 1-26 World Champion. Since team flying is encouraged, the highest scoring team is designated Champion Team. Numerous local and regional competitions throughout the year give pilots and crews a chance to break into competition in a low-key environment before going for The Big One .

Soaring is exciting, it's relaxing, it's challenging, and it's fun - we know the 1-26 is the most fun. We'd like to have you join the 1-26 Association. Annual dues for individuals are $15.00 and family members at the same address are $5.00 each. For informationon joining the 1-26 Association, click on the information listed below, or contact the Secretary / Treasurer.


"One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar."
Helen Keller

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