Vickland's Tradin' Post
Updated August 27, 2011

"One man's trash is another man's treasure."

Some of this stuff is freebee, or in exchange for modest contribution to the 1-26 Association.


Wing Parts

One left wing spar complete, not bent or broken, and good sections of aft spar. $50

Many leading edge, mid section and trailing edge ribs.

Whole ailerons and parts.


Tail Feathers

Square tail rudder ribs and new spar

Rudder and fin spars, some ribs.

Left elevator, repairable.


Oxygen Equipment

Diluter demand Oxygen system with bailout bottle.  Never used. $300.

SAC Oxygen bottle installation drawings.

New in box, Aerox Oxygen Regulator. $75


Fuselage Parts

New Factory wood skid for A,B,or C model. $25

Aluminum skid material.  Make your own skid. $20

Two piece fibreglas mold to make fibreglas nose skins for A,B,C models. Make offer.

Seat floor pan.

Wing Carry Thru Assembly.

Nose bulkhead. $50



Compass, 2 1/4 inch,

Flexible aluminum vent hose.


Sports Canopy Project Parts

Production molds for sports windshield and aft canopy skin.

For more information, contact Bill Vickland at:

(703) 527-5302