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1-26 Association Information

Thanks for your interest in the 1-26 Association.

Briefly, the 1-26 Association provides the member with the following benefits:

  • Access to the 1-26 Records Program.
  • Access to the 1-26 Cross-Country Sweepstakes.
  • Access to 1-26 Association sponsored competitions, including the 1-26 Championships.
  • Voting privileges.
  • Access to other special awards associated with flying the 1-26.
  • Qualification to receive special badge achievement certificates.
  • A regular newsletter.
  • A handbook of Association activities, rules, and bylaws (The 1-26 LOG).

1-26 Association Dues Structure

Regular Member - $20 per year
Regular Members are entitled to one vote in all elections, to a full voice in the affairs of the Association, and to receive the Newsletter and the LOG, which is the annual directory and handbook of the Association.

Family Member - $5 per year
A Family Member is a full voting member, but does not receive separate copies of the Newsletter and the LOG. Family Members must reside at the same address as the full member (Regular or Sustaining).

Sustaining Member - $30 per year
Sustaining members have the privileges of Regular Members, but are members who, because of their interest and involvement in the success of the Association, wish to contribute more than the Regular Membership dues to support the organization. Honorary Life and Regular Life Members who choose to pay annual dues are also recognized as Sustaining Members.

Life Member - $500
A Life Member enjoys Regular Membership for life. This membership type is a means whereby dedicated members can make a permanent financial contribution to the Association. The Life Membership funds are invested separately and produce regular income for the Association.

Family Life Member - $26
A Family Life Membership permits a Life Member to make a single contribution for family members at the time the Life Membership is purchased. Each enjoys the privileges of Family Membership. These funds are invested in the same manner as the Life Membership Funds. Family Life Members must reside at the same address as that of the Life Member. Family Life memberships are active as long the Life Membership is active.

International Memberships
Canada and Mexico............ $25 per year
All Other............................. $35 per year

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