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1-26 Association Roll of Honor

Many Aspire - Few Succeed

Earning all three Diamonds in a 1-26 requires extraordinary dedication and superior pilot skills. Several pilots who have earned FAI Diamond Badge Legs in other gliders are known to be re-flying them in the 1-26 to become members of this elite corps. We wish them, and all others who are working toward this difficult goal, the greatest success and look forward to adding them to the very special Roll of Honor.

Pilots known to have attained all 3 Diamonds in a 1-26.

William B. Cleary 1965
Harold A. Eley 1969
Charles W. Shaw 1970
A. C. Williams 1970
Les Horvath 1972
Thomas M. Edwards II 1973
Elliott Kurzman 1973
James R. Walker 1976
Don K. Wemple 1976
Gerhard F. Knapp 1977
Thomas L. Knauff 1977
Joann B. Shaw 1978
Donald E. Purdy 1979
Tom Cooper 1979
Carl A. Ekdahl 1980
Dick Bartsch 1980
David H. Noyes 1981
Thomas M. Massoth 1982
Dan Gonzales 1984
Andrew J. Buelna 1984
Bill T. Jones, Jr. 1985
Edward R. Thornton 1987
Vern Frye 1987
Hardy M. Ledet 1989
Larry Pardue 1991
Richard R. Gillock 1991
Robert B. Gibson 1995
Richard A. Brown 1995
Bill Vickland 1996
Garry Dickson 1996
George W. Powell 1997
Doug Levy 1997
Robert Templin 1999
Paul M. Elliott 2000
James A. Zapata 2000
Robert W. Spielman 2005
Irwin J. Jousma 2006
Kevin R. Anderson 2009
Daniel Sazhin 2015
James M. Neff 2019