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1-26 Trophies and Awards


The Per Ardua Award is the most prestigious and important award of the Association. It is presented each year to the member making the most outstanding flight(s) and/or other noteworthy contribution toward the promotion of the 1-26 and the 1-26 Association. Provision is made for awards to Senior members and to Junior (under 21 years of age) members. The Executive Board selects the persons to be so recognized.

These awards were initiated in 1965 and presented to William B. Cleary of Oklahoma City and Jeffrey Yund, Jr., of Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Bill was the first pilot to achieve all three of his Diamonds in a 1-26. Jeff Yund gained recognition by qualifying for his Diamond Altitude leg and breaking the Colorado Junior State Altitude Record with a 29,100-foot flight at Black Forest. At the time of his flight, in 1965, Jeff was only 14 years of age.


1965 William B. Cleary Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
1966 James Long Manitoba, Canada
1967 Joseph Colton Escondido, California
1968 Carle Conway Covina, California
1969 Harold Eley Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
1970 William B. Cleary Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
1971 Marion C. Cruce Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
1972 Tom Knauff Lemont, Pennsylvania
1973 Tony Doherty Elmira, New York
1974 Harry V. Senn Miami, Florida
1975 Charles W. Shaw Snyder, Texas
1976 Joann B. Shaw Snyder, Texas
1977 Harry L. Baldwin, Jr. San Diego, California
1978 Roy O. McCaldin Tucson, Arizona
1979 Tom Cooper Lafayette, California
1980 G. David Ledford Redondo Beach, California
1981 Ronald R. Schwartz Blairstown, New Jersey
1982 Joe L. Ashlock Williamson, Georgia
1983 John P. Greene Boonton Township, New Jersey
1984 Thomas M. Farr Highland Village, Texas
1985 Bill, Ernie, & Paul Schweizer Elmira, New York
1986 James E. Hard St. Paul Park, Minnesota
1987 Robert L. Hurni Phoenix, Arizona
1988 Clayton W. Vickland Arlington, Virginia
1989 Robert V. McNeill Rockwall, Texas
1990 Lewis J. Neyland Colorado Springs, Colorado
1991 Thomas P. Holloran Dayton, Ohio
1992 Marvin Willis Arlington, Texas
1993 Patrick DeNaples Waynesville, Ohio
1994 Del Blomquist Chula Vista, California
1995 Luan and John Walker Albuquerque, New Mexico
1996 Mike Havener Murrieta, California
1997 George Powell Bonita, California
1998 Mark Keene Health, Texas
1999 Irn jousma Jenison, Michigan
2000 Kevin Renshaw Fort Worth, Texas
2001 Doug Levy Oceanside, California
2002 Rich Gillock Costa Mesa, California
2003 Vern Frye Reno, Nevada
2004 Bob Hunri Phoenix, Arizona
2005 Robert Spielman Reno, Nevada
2006 Kevin Ford and Jay McDaniel Urbana, Illinois and Henderson, Nevada
2007 Norm Miller and Lisa Sergent McKinney, Texas and Morehead, Kentucky
2008 Thomas Pressley Lubbock, Texas
2009 Craig Loomiller Owasso, Oklahoma
2010 Ron Schwartz Blairstown, New Jersey
2011 Joann B. Shaw Hobbs, New Mexico
2012 Ron Schwartz Blairstown, New Jersey
2013 Pete and Judy Vredenburg Tijeras, New Mexico
2014 Dan Ernst Poquoson, Virginia
2015 Daniel Sazhin Brooklyn, New York
2016 Harry and Mary Baldwin San Diego, California
2018 Gary Swift Gardnerville, Nevada
2019 James Neff Redlands, California


1965 Jeffrey Yund Kutztown, PA
1966 Thomas Beltz Lehighton, PA
1967 Thomas Beltz Lehighton, PA
1968 James Cruce Oklahoma City, OK
1969 J. N. Bearden Cincinnati, OH
1970 Bill Skinner Fort Worth, TX
1971 John R. Leupp C. Winchester, OH
1972 Erik Larson La Jolla, CA
1973 Elizabeth Shannon Tucson, AZ
1975 John Conner Wauchula, FL
1977 Kempton Izuno Orinda, CA
1978 Scott Imaly Seattle, WA
1980 Norman W. Read, Jr. Dallas, TX
1994 Joe Walter Sycamore, IL
2012 Daniel Sazhin Brooklyn, NY


This award was established in 1970, by donations in memory of long-time Association member H. Marshall Claybourn. It is a large sterling silver tray which is awarded to the Association pilot who makes the longest straight line 1-26 flight during a calendar year.

1970 Charles W. Shaw 401.00 miles
1971 Charles W. Shaw 364.00 miles
1972 William B. Cleary 365.00 miles
1973 Elliot Kurzman 386.00 miles
1974 Don Wemple 334.00 miles
1975 Donald E. Purdy 337.40 miles
1976 Charles W. Shaw 429.00 miles
1977 Charles W. Shaw 377.50 miles
1978 Harry L. Baldwin, Jr. 374.50 miles
1979 Harry L. Baldwin, Jr. 331.60 miles
1980 Frank E. Conner 401.50 miles
1981 Harry L. Baldwin, Jr. 432.30 miles
1982 Phil Dufford 348.50 miles
1983 Charles W. Shaw 362.20 miles
1984 Charles W. Shaw 362.20 miles
1985 Charles W. Shaw 334.30 miles
1986 Charles W. Shaw 386.15 miles
1987 Edward R. Thornton 363.00 miles
1988 Edward R. Thornton 383.74 miles
1989 Charles W. Shaw 405.60 miles
1990 James E. Hard 413.68 miles
1991 Richard Gillock 312.70 miles
1992 Mark Keene 333.90 miles
1993 Mark Keene 349.99 miles
1994 Brian Bird 300.00 miles
1995 (no entries)
1996 James E. Hard 360.00 miles
1997 James E. Hard 238.50 miles
1998 Charles W. Shaw 322.77 miles
1999 Kathleen Winters 263.45 miles
2000 Charles Shaw 349.92 miles
2001 Doug Levy 327.21 miles
2002 Garry Dickson 349.61 miles
2003 Joann Shaw 301.96 miles
2004 Garry Dickson 379.50 miles
2005 James E. Hard 334.10 miles
2006 Joann B. Shaw 343.27 miles
2007 Doug Levy 306.11 miles
2008 James E. Hard 339.35 miles
2009 Doug Levy 400.11 miles
2010 Doug Levy 330.94 miles
2011 Garry Dickson 352.55 miles
2012 Doug Levy 263.19 miles
2013 Doug Levy 288.46 miles
2014 Garry Dickson 312.77 miles
2015 Doug Levy 305.38 miles
2016 Doug Levy 295.10 miles
2017 Doug Levy 320.22 miles
2018 James Neff 303.52 miles
2019 James Neff 236.20 miles
2020 Dan Nezgoda 297.16 miles


(for flights from Florida, 1975 - 1985)

Capt. Eugene W. LeMire was an enthusiastic 1-26 pilot whose widow established the LeMire Memorial Challenge Trophy in his honor for the most notable flight of the year in Florida. The 1-26 Association awarded this beautiful traveling trophy to the pilot who made the most notable 1-26 flight in, or from, Florida during the preceding calendar year.

1975 Harry V. Senn 258.2 mile straight line flight
1976 Frank E. Conner 247 mile Diamond Goal flight
1978 Harry V. Senn 283.5 mile straight line flight
1983 Allen H. Douglas, Jr. 203 mile straight line flight
1985 Harry V. Senn 128.5 mile out and return flight


The 1-26 Championships is an annual event which the Association uses as a focal point for all activities of the Association. The Annual Meeting of the Association is scheduled to coincide with the Championships so that every member may have an opportunity to participate. Because of the fact that the Championships are such a centering point for the Association, the contest site atmosphere is a unique mixture of serious competition, socializing, and Association business. Among the competitors are exceptionally skilled pilots, dedicated promoters of the 1-26 Association, and reasonably inexperienced contest pilots. The Championships are organized to recognize this mixture of pilots and to insure that a true Champion is declared without compromises to safety or to the reputation of the Association. Any pilot who is qualified per the rules of the Championships is welcome and can expect to be treated to an experience commensurate with his abilities and goals within the sport of soaring.

A portion of the object of the Association as declared in the bylaws reads, "to establish standards for competition in the 1-26." The Association accomplishes this objective through a set of rules which are reviewed each year by the Rules Committee. This set of rules governs the conduct of the 1-26 Championships and serves as guidelines for regional and local competitions.

Persons interested in soaring competition should consider flying in the 1-26 Championships. The rules are designed to make the experience as rewarding for a first timer as it is for a "World Class" pilot. Copies of the rules may be obtained from any officer or from the Rules Committee. Rules are also posted on the 1-26 Association's Web Site.


The Cruce Trophy is a large silver punch bowl (with tray and cups) which was donated to the 1-26 Association in 1966 by Mr. and Mrs. Marion C. Cruce. This perpetual trophy is awarded each year to the 1-26 Champion, the highest scoring individual entry in the 1-26 Championships.

Champion Contest Site
1965 Walter Briggs Harris Hill, New York
1966 A. C. Williams Guthrie, Oklahoma
1967 John Brittingharn Black Forest, Colorado
1968 John Brittingharn Pearblossom, California
1969 (no contest) Richmond, Indiana
1970 A. C. Williams Hobbs, New Mexico
1971 William B. Cleary Estrella, Arizona
1972 (no contest) Harris Hill, New York
1973 Ted Teach Black Forest, Colorado
1974 Harry L. Baldwin, Jr. Pearblossom, California
1975 Harry L. Baldwin, Jr. Caddo Mills, Texas
1976 (no contest) Chester, South Carolina
1977 Harry V. Senn Black Forest, Colorado
1978 Scott Imlay Hobbs, New Mexico
1979 Bob Gravance El Mirage, California
1980 Dave Mockler Ionia, Michigan
1981 Dave Mockler USAF Academy, Colorado
1982 Ted Teach Caesar Creek, Ohio
1983 Harry L. Baldwin, Jr. Midlothian, Texas
1984 Harry L. Baldwin, Jr. Hobbs, New Mexico
1985 Charles Shaw Sparks, Nevada
1986 Dave Mockler Owl Canyon, Colorado
1987 Ron Schwartz Caesar Creek, Ohio
1989 Don Wemple El Tiro, Arizona
1990 Dave Mockler Odessa, Texas
1991 Ron Schwartz Caesar Creek, Ohio
1992 Ron Schwartz Midlothian, Texas
1993 Bob Gravance Albert Lea, Minnesota
1994 Dan Mockler Littlefiled, Texas
1995 Dan Mockler Moriarty, New Mexico
1996 Pat Tuckey Ionia, Michigan
1997 Pat Tuckey Midlothian, Texas
1998 Mark Keene Elmira, New York
1999 Bob von Hellens Hobbs, New Mexico
2000 Pat Tuckey Midlothian, Texas
2001 Bob Von Helens Ionia, Michigan
2002 Bob Von Helens USAF Academy, Colorado
2003 Ron Schwartz Caesar Creek, Ohio
2004 John Wrona Midlothian, Texas
2005 Kevin Ford Moriarty, New Mexico
2006 Ron Schwartz Parowan, Utah
2007 Jeff Daye Chilhowee, Tennesee
2008 Vern Hutchinson Midlothian, Texas
2009 Ron Schwartz Moriarty, New Mexico
2010 Key Dismukes Lancaster, South Carolina
2011 (no contest) Kendallville, Indiana
2012 Bob Hurni Midlothian, Texas
2013 Daniel Sazhin Moriarty, New Mexico
2014 (no contest) Caesar Creek, Ohio
2015 Robert von Hellens Minden, Nevada
2016 Ron Schwartz Moriarty, New Mexico
2017 Jimbob Slocum Midlothian, Texas
2018 Jimbob Slocum Caesar Creek, Ohio
2019 Dan Nezgoda Moriarty, New Mexico
2020 (no contest during pandemic)


Discontinued in 1992

This perpetual trophy was first awarded at the 1971, 1-26 Championships at Estrella, Arizona. The Estrella Team Trophy was donated by Arizona Soaring, Inc., to be awarded each year to the highest-scoring team in the 1-26 Championships.

Winning Team Contest Site
1971 Walter Briggs & Lloyd Roberts Estrella, Arizona
1972 (no contest) Harris Hill, New York
1973 Dick Mockler & Marvin Willis Black Forest, Colorado
1974 Dick Mockler & Marvin Willis Pearblossom, California
1975 Bert Bahnson & Ted Bahnson Caddo Mills, Texas
1976 (no contest) Chester, South Carolina
1977 Mike Jensen & Nels Johnson Black Forest, Colorado
1978 Marvin Willis & Tommy Thomason Hobbs, New Mexico
1979 Jim Gallacher & Jess Green El Mirage, California
1980 Jim Harkins & Wade Johnson Ionia, Michigan
1981 Mark Conner & Frank Conner Air Force Academy, Colorado
1982 Tom W. Holloran & Tom P. Holloran Caesar Creek, Ohio
1983 Tom W. Holloran & Tom P. Holloran Midlothian, Texas
1984 Joann & Charles Shaw Hobbs, New Mexico
1985 E. O. Hamm & George Sedillo Sparks, Nevada
1986 Don Wemple & Dan Ladd Owl Canyon, Colorado
1987 Tom W. Holloran & Tom P. Holloran Caesar Creek, Ohio
1988 Tom W. Holloran & Tom P. Holloran Midlothian, Texas
1989 Bob Templin & Ken Kochanski El Tiro, Arizona
1990 Charles W. & Joann B. Shaw Odessa, Texas
1991 Bob Ftich & Kevin Cullis Caesar Creek, Ohio


This perpetual trophy was first awarded at the 1992 1-26 Championships at Texas Soaring Association, Midlothian, Texas. The Bob McNeill Memorial Trophy was donated by Joan McNeill and family, to be awarded each year to the highest-scoring team in the 1-26 Championships.

Winning Team Contest Site
1992 Kevin Renshaw & Steve Whitworth Midlothian, Texas
1993 Thomas P. Holloran & Dennis M. Holloran Albert Lea, Minnesota
1994 Charles W. & Joann B. Shaw Littlefield, Texas
1995 Dan Ladd & Garry Dickson Moriarty, New Mexico
1996 Thomas P. Holloran & Harry V. Senn Ionia, Michigan
1997 Irn Jousma & Ron Schwartz Midlothian, Texas
1998 Pat De Naples & Bob Templin Elmira, New York
1999 Marvin Willis & Fred Steadman Hobbs, New Mexico
2000 Steve Michalik & Hank Claybourn Midlothian, Texas
2001 Pat DeNaples & Bob Root Ionia, Michigan
2002 Pat DeNaples & Bob Root Air Force Academy, Colorado
2003 James Walker & Marvin Willis Waynesville, Ohio
2004 Harry Baldwin & Del Blomquist Midlothian, Texas
2005 Harry Baldwin & Del Blomquist Moriarty, New Mexico
2006 Charles & Jo Shaw Parowan, Utah
2007 Kevin Anderson & Sarah Kelly Chilhowee, Tennesee
2008 Cathy Williams & Marvin Willis Midlothian, Texas
2009 Cathy Williams & Marvin Willis Moriarty, New Mexico
2010 Cathy Williams & Marvin Willis Lancaster, South Carolina
2011 (no contest) Kendallville, Indiana
2012 Daniel Sazhin & Ron Schwartz Willis Midlothian, Texas
2013 Wayne Walker & Bill Knoll Moriarty, New Mexico
2014 (no contest) Caesar Creek, Ohio
2015 Daniel Sazhin & Ron Schwartz Mindden, Nevada
2016 ? Moriarty, New Mexico
2015 Alan & Jacob Fairbairn Midlothian, Texas
2020 (no contest during pandemic)


This perpetual trophy is a Michael Garman limited edition bronze, "The Aviator," mounted on a walnut base with a plate suitable for inscribing the name(s) of the annual winner(s). It was donated to the 1-26 Association in 1986 by Colonel and Mrs. Lewis Neyland in memory of their friend, David C. Johnson.

As much as Dave loved soaring, he even more enjoyed introducing others to the sport and in his quiet way encouraging them to stretch their wings and achieve new goals in the 1-26. Hence, the rules for this award are designed to encourage contest experienced pilots to introduce less experienced pilots to competition by flying with them as a team, as well as to encourage "First-timers" to enter on their own.

This trophy is awarded annually to the pilot flying in the Championships for the first time who flies at least 30% of the contest days and has the highest average daily score of all eligible for this award. If the winner is a member of a team, then the team as a whole is the winner and trophy shall be so inscribed.

1986 Claude Leibensberger and Marvin Willis
1987 Tom Hankinson and Karl Franz
1988 Will Dismukes and Key Dismukes
1989 Mark Keene
1990 Gary Evans
1991 Norbert and Manfred Maurer
1992 Bob Carlton and Howard Bishop
1993 Joe Walter
1994 Louis Frank
1995 Pat Tuckey
1996 David Anderson
1997 John Wrona
1998 Les Schweizer
1999 Larry Neal
2000 Derek Root & Cathy Adams
2001 Jack Steen
2002 Oliver Schmelzer
2003 P. Jonathan Leal
2004 John Barr
2005 Craig Loomiller
2006 Ian Cant
2007 Paul Reh
2008 Mitch Bauer
2009 Ralph Farra
2010 Kenneth Ekman
2011 (no contest)
2012 Daniel Sazhin
2013 Wayne Walker & Bill Knoll
2014 (no contest)
2015 Vern Fueston
2016 ?
2015 Alan Fairbairn
2020 (no contest during pandemic)


This trophy is a copper plated 1-26 complemented by a large and exquisite turquoise nugget. The trophy was made possible through the combined efforts of the Tucson Soaring Club, The Women Soaring Pilots Association and Paul and Ginny Schweizer.

Virginia Schweizer has been an inspiration and leader by example to women everywhere who have wanted to join the sport of soaring. This trophy honors her for the great contributions she continues to make to open the doors to women so they can fully participate in soaring at every level of achievement. This trophy is awarded to the feminine pilot who achieves the highest average daily score in the 1-26 Championships. The winner must fly at least 30 per cent of the total contest days.

1989 Elaine Cutri
1990 Joann B. Shaw
1991 Gayle P. Lathrop
1992 Gayle P. Lathrop
1993 Gayle P. Lathrop
1994 Joann B. Shaw
1995 Luan Walker
1996 Gayle Lathrop
1997 Not Awarded
1998 Jayne Reid
1999 Jayne Reid
2000 Jayne Reid
2001 Not Awarded
2002 Not Awarded
2003 Not Awarded
2004 Not Awarded
2005 Not Awarded
2006 Not Awarded
2007 Cathy Williams
2008 Not Awarded
2009 Not Awarded
2010 Not Awarded
2011 (no contest)
2012 Not Awarded
2013 Cathy Williams
2014 (no contest)
2015 Not Awarded
2016 ?
2017 Cathy Williams
2020 (no contest during pandemic)


Discontinued in 1990

James C. Elms has been a strong supporter of the 1-26 Association for many years. He is interested in assuring the influx of younger members into the Association. He believes that through these young men and women the 1-26 Association will grow and prosper. A trophy was presented each year from 1977 to 1989 to a person under 30 years of age (21 years prior to 1987) who competed in the 1-26 Championships.

1977 Scott Imlay
1978 Scott Imlay
1979 Scott Imlay
1980 Dave Mockler
1981 Dave Mockler
1982 Manfred Maurer
1983 Paul Sommerfeld
1984 Paul Sommerfeld
1987 Tom Hankinson
1988 David Mockler
1989 Tom Hankinson


Jack Greene was an ardent 1-26er and a strong supporter of the 1-26 Association. His many contributions over the years to both the 1-26 Association and to soaring in general will be remembered with the presentation of this trophy, replacing the Jimmy Elms Trophy for the pilot under 30 years of age placing the highest in the 1-26 Championships.

1991 Norbert Maurer
1992 Tom Stafford
1993 Joe Walter
1994 Joe Walter
1995 Joe Walter
1996 Joe Walter
1997 Kevin Ford
1998 Shane Lese
1999 Not Awarded
2000 Derek Root
2001 Brooks Johnson
2002 Michael Westbrook
2003 Not Awarded
2004 Mitch Bauer
2005 Mitch Bauer
2006 Not Awarded
2007 Sarah Kelly
2008 Mitch Bauer
2009 Not Awarded
2010 Not Awarded
2011 (no contest)
2012 Daniel Sazhin
2013 Daniel Sazhin
2013 (no contest)
2014 (no contest)
2015 Taylor Phillips
2016 ?
2017 Jacob Fairbairn
2020 (no contest during pandemic)


This competitive award is "Presented annually to that venerable old flyer having successfully passed his 60th year on this earth, who achieves the highest finishing position in the 1-26 Championships from among that select and ancient group reverently referred to as "THE OLD GOATS."

1977 Marion C. Cruce
1978 Marion C. Cruce
1979 Marion C. Cruce
1980 Marion C. Cruce
1981 James R. Walker
1982 James R. Walker
1983 Dudley Mattson
1984 Marion C. Cruce
1985 James R. Walker
1986 Harry V. Senn
1987 Lewis J. Neyland
1988 Patrick L. DeNaples
1989 Marvin Willis
1990 Don Wemple
1991 Marvin Willis & Claude Liebensberger
1992 Bob Gravance
1993 Bob Gravance
1994 Harry V. Senn
1995 Louis Frank
1996 Harry V. Senn
1997 Patrick L. DeNaples
1998 Patrick L. DeNaples
1999 Bill (Clayton) Vicland
2000 Bob von Hellens
2001 Patrick L. DeNaples
2002 Bob von Hellens
2003 Ron Schwartz
2004 Harry Baldwin
2005 Harry Baldwin
2006 Ron Schwartz
2007 Ron Schwartz
2008 Vern Hutchinson
2009 Ron Schwartz
2010 Key Dismukes
2011 (no contest)
2012 Not Awarded
2013 Ron Schwartz
2014 (no contest)
2015 Ron Schwartz
2016 ?
2017 Ron Schwartz
2020 (no contest during pandemic)


This competitive award is "Presented annually to that extremely venerable old flyer having successfully passed his 70th year on this earth, who achieves the highest finishing position in the 1-26 Championships from among that select and ancient group reverently referred to as "THE OLD TOADS."

1991 Bob Fitch
1992 Jim Walker
1993 Jim Walker
1994 Thomas P. Holloran
1995 James R. Walker
1996 James R. Walker
1997 James R. Walker
1998 Patrick L. DeNaples
1999 Marvin Willis
2000 Marvin Willis
2001 Patrick L. DeNaples
2002 Bob Root
2003 Bill Vickland
2004 Harry Baldwin
2005 Harry Baldwin
2006 Bill Vickland
2007 Bob Hurni
2008 Vern Hutchinson
2009 Ron Schwartz
2010 Marvin Willis
2011 (no contest)
2012 Not Awarded
2013 Ron Schwartz
2014 (no contest)
2015 Ron Schwartz
2016 ?
2017 Bill Vickland
2020 (no contest during pandemic)


This trophy, designed by Bob Casamajor and donated to the 1-26 Association by Dudley Mattson, is awarded to the pilot achieving the highest speed on a declared speed task during the 1-26 Championships. The trophy is a polished, mountain-shaped, walnut burl topped by a glass circle containing a beautiful, sand-blasted, rendition of cumulus clouds and a speeding 1-26.Winners names along with the year and the speed achieved in miles per hour are attached to the trophy base.

1987 Bob Fitch
1988 Larry Pardue
1989 Bob Von Hellens
1990 Gary Evans
1991 Ron Schwartz
1992 Mark Keene
1993 Bob Gravance
1994 Irn Jousma
1995 Mark Keene
1996 Dan Mockler
1997 Pat Tuckey
1998 Bob Quas
1999 Pat Tuckey
2000 Pat Tuckey
2001 Bill (Clayton) Vickland
2002 Ron Schwartz
2003 Ron Schwartz
2004 John Wrona
2005 Ron Schwartz
2006 Ron Schwartz
2007 Kevin Ford
2008 Bill Vicklnd
2009 Bob von Hellens
2010 Key Dismukes
2011 (no contest)
2012 Daniel Sazhin
2013 Ron Schwartz
2014 (no contest)
2015 Robert Hurni
2016 ?
2017 Jimbob Slocum
2020 (no contest during pandemic)


This trophy was donated to the Association in 1966 by Mrs. Alan Hartley (now Mrs. Charles Shaw). The trophy was a pair of wings mounted on a wood base, an original Steuben Glass design by Lloyd Atkins and named "Alation." The original wings were replaced, after being accidentally broken, with a pair of sterling silver wings - symbolic of Soaring Flight. This perpetual trophy was awarded annually to the pilot making the longest flight in the 1-26 Championships (1967 - 1990).

1967 Theodore Falk
1968 John Brittingham
1969 (no contest)
1970 A. C. Williams
1971 William B. Cleary
1972 (no contest)
1973 David C. Johnson
1974 Harry L. Baldwin, Jr.
1975 John R. Leupp
1976 (no contest)
1977 David C. Johnson
1978 Harry L. Baldwin, Jr.
1979 Frederic H. Schmid
1980 David Mockler
1981 Harry L. Baldwin, Jr.
1982 Ronald R. Schwartz
1983 David Mockler
1984 Harry L. Baldwin, Jr.
1985 Bob Gravance
1986 Harry V. Senn
1987 Jim O'Quinn
1988 David Mockler
1989 Larry Pardue
1990 Gary Evans


Schweizer ceased 1-26 production in 1979. As a result, nearly every flying ship in the flying fleet has been restored at some level. Each year at the Championships, one or more of these newly restored aircraft are displayed and flown. Much discussion has occurred over the years about how to give recognition to this important aspect of 1-26 ownership. Harry Baldwin, the leader of most of these discussions, presented a set of rules and procedures that culminated in the "Spiffy" Award. The first presentation of this award was made in 1996 at the Iona Championships. Since then, the interest in and level of competition for the award has become quite spirited. The current Trophy is an embellished instrument panel created by Norm Miller after his 2002 win.

1996 SN 483 Pete Vredenberg, Pilot / Pete and Judy Vredenberg, Owners
1997 SN 655 Gerald Beatty
1998 SN 522 Les Schweizer
1999 SN 244 Bob von Hellens
2000 SN 432 John Wrona, Pilot / John and Vicki Wrona, Owners
2001 SN 166 Jack Steen, Pilot / Dave Anderson, Owner
2002 SN 091 Norm Miller
2003 SN 194 Bob von Hellens
2004 SN 053 Neil Palmquist
2005 SN 192 Kevin R. Anderson
2006 SN 480 Ron Schwartz
2007 SN 021 Ted Beckwith Jr.
2008 Not Awarded
2009 SN 182 Ralph Farra
2010 SN 097 Marvin Willis
2011 SN 008 Gus Johnson
2012 SN 192 Kevin R. Anderson
2013 SN 574 Wick Wilkinson
2014 SN 244 Bob Von Hellens
2015 SN 575 Milt Moos
2016 SN 038 Jay Murphy
2017 SN 401 Jimbob Slocum & Wick Wilkinson
2018 SN 267 Steve Vihlen
2019 SN 400 Kristin Farry
2020 (no contest during pandemic)


Kevin Fords was awarded a yardstick as a joke award for landing out 1.07 miles from the airport in the 1993 contest at Albert Lea, MN. In 2003, he started up the award again, this time as an annual award for the shortest scored flight of the contest. In 2005, the rules were changed so that flights less than 5 miles are not scored.

1993 Kevin Ford 1.07 miles
2003 Vern Hutchinson 0.2 miles
2004 Del Blomquist 4.0 miles
2005 Craig Loomiller 6.9 miles
2006 Neil Palmquist 7.4 miles
2007 Craig Loomiller 5.9 miles
2008 Mitch Bauer 5.2 miles
2009 Ralph Farra 9.5 miles
2010 Bob Hurni 6.6 miles
2011 (no contest)
2012 Not Awarded
2013 Wayne Walker
2014 (no contest)
2015 Jay Murphy
2016 ?
2017 Kristin Farry
2020 (no contest during pandemic)


This award is in the form of a plaque, showing Lew’s 1-26D, #443, soaring over Pikes Peak, and inscription detailing the award, the awardee, and 1-26 Association Logos. It is donated annually in recognition of their friend and mentor, Colonel Lewis J. Neyland, by John and Luan Walker.

Lew Neyland is a retired Air Force pilot with over 8,000 hours in the air in over 80 different aircraft, many of which are sailplanes. He is a CFIG and tow pilot for High Flights Soaring Club. Lew fell in love with soaring and the 1-26 over 20 years ago and has attained numerous records and all but Diamond Distance in #443. In addition, he has spent thousands of hours training pilots in both flying and in the art and science of soaring.

Lew’s competitive nature and desire to take on new challenges led him to fly 1-26s - at the time, the world’s only “one-design” sailplane - and join the 1-26 Association. Over the years, he has vigorously supported the Association, becoming President for three years (1987 - 1989), being the official Recruiter, and encouraging other pilots to join and support 1-26s. He was directly responsible for an increase in Association membership from little over 100 members to more than 500. He has continually encouraged and helped 1-26ers achieve badge legs, badges, and records.

This Award will be presented to the 1-26 Association member who, in the previous calendar year, achieved the most badge legs and/or records in a 1-26. In the event of ties, the winner will be determined by John & Luan based on the difficulty of achievement.

2001 Lew Neyland
2002 Pete Donath
2003 Rich Nicholson
2004 Paul Antoinette
2005 Krystyna Stave


Established in 2009 and is awarded annually for the longest flight in a 1-26 in accordance with the Sweepstakes rules, up to 9 turnpoints. This differs from the H. Marshall Claybourn Memorial Award which is given for straight distance.

2009 Ron Schwartz 615.430 miles
2010 Ron Schwartz 552.800 miles
2011 Ron Schwartz 489.000 miles
2012 Ron Schwartz 508.860 miles
2013 Garry Dickson 423.690 miles
2014 Ron Schwartz 508.520 miles
2015 Daniel Sazhin 412.990 miles